Desktop PC - advice needed!

  Mrs_C 13:18 21 Feb 2010

Hi everyone. Our old desktop PC has finally given up the ghost and now shows psychadelic colours when it starts reminiscent of the loading screen of my old Commodore 64 so I'm looking at getting a new/refurbished one. Thing is, I have no idea what I should make sure it has so that it's not obselete by next year. We don't play games on it - just surf the net and download etc. My other half has mentioned being able to watch movies on our TV streamed from the PC but have no idea if that is something that needs to be on it when we get it. Budget is about £400. I quite like those all-in-one PCs but hubby reckons just buying the box bit and keeping existing monitor and keyboard would mean that we could get a higher performance one. What would your advice be? Also, should we opt for Vista or Win 7? A guy at work said that we should get a 64 bit system or something like that?

Thanks in advance!

Mrs C

  onthelimit 15:08 21 Feb 2010

Windows 7 is far better than Vista - I would assume any new PC would have 7. If you have a TFT monitor keep that. if you have an old VDU, 'tis time to change. For what you want to do, any budget PC would fit the bill. Novatech seem to be popular on these forums.

  birdface 15:19 21 Feb 2010

Amazon. click here here

It will give you something to look at.
With e-buyer some come without the operating system or monitor.

  Diemmess 16:35 21 Feb 2010

The possibilities are huge and I suspect you chose 'absolute beginners' because that is how you feel at the moment.
Truly, future-proofing isn't possible, however you have taken a sensible step joining this forum.

For surfing and home pursuits, a modest bargain PC is all you need in theory.
In my opinion 64bit may be the way ahead, but it hasn't made much headway over a couple or more years against the big home market for 32bit PCs.

Have a look at Novatech to give you an idea about sophistication/cost. and coparison with others.
click here

Its only my opinion but I think the Isis EX listed there would suit you fine.

Note: Price includes delivery and VAT, but NOT software or monitor. (These are chosen from the options or bought elsewhere.)

  Diemmess 16:48 21 Feb 2010

As a subscript to my post.
things become a bit more complex when you have to choose between alternatives.

With Windows 7 you ought to double up on the RAM to 2Gb.

The EX has a good graphics card for high resolution and good pictures.

If those two things overspend the budget, you could consider the cheaper Isis but you will then have a slower CPU (which may not matter.)
I think the extra RAM is worthwhile whatever you buy.

And so on!

  sunnystaines 10:07 22 Feb 2010

I agree look at novatech, gofor windows 7 and as much ram as you can afford min 2gb. you will not need the latest super dooper graphics they are for teenagers who play heavy graphic based games.

  Bertie20 11:17 22 Feb 2010

With a budget of £400 you should have no trouble in finding a computer. I would definately go for Windows 7 - if you need a computer qucikly then i would have a look at Cube247 - they have a selection of computers avaliable for next day delivery. If you already have a monitor, keyboard etc then i would definately just buy a base unit. Theres not point in wasting money on stuff you already have, you would be better off upgrading a system, adding in extra memory or a bigger hard disk. If you not to sure what computer is ideal then give the sales guys at Cube a call, they are very helpful, and will recommend a computer that is ideal for what you want.

  MarvintheAndroid 00:38 28 Feb 2010

If all you really want is internet and email then another possibility would be a Netbook. These are basically cut down laptops with smaller screens which can be bought new for a couple of hundred quid. It wouldn't manage the other stuff like video streaming so you need to decide first.

click here

If you do go for a full PC, avoid Vista like the plague and go for a Windows 7 machine or even XP.


  MarvintheAndroid 00:39 28 Feb 2010

PS I have also used Novatech and they are excellent.


  ol blueeyes 14:28 28 Feb 2010

I too can vouch for Novatech Good PC Next Day Delivery Price OK> Nice people who are willing to help for as long as you need them . All in all I definately say have a good look a Novatech.

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