Desktop or Laptop

  bluto1 21:56 26 Aug 2008

I'm looking around for a new computer but cannot work out pros and cons of Desktop or Laptop. I've never had a laptop so I'm stopped short there.

Price is a consideration of course but will not be the deciding factor. CPU, RAM and HDD will. I'll not require any games, and I'm not worried about the OS, except that it won't be Basic.
Screen size minimum 17".
Any help please?

  Technotiger 21:59 26 Aug 2008

Unless you are expecting to be needing a pc 'on-the-move' then I would consider a Desktop Tower to be preferable. Mainly because of future hardware upgrades, and longevity.

  skidzy 22:06 26 Aug 2008

If you have the space...goto be a desktop,plenty more at your fingertips than a lappy.

And will work out cheaper for a desktop.

Bluto,did we cover this not so long ago ?

  FatboySlim71 22:17 26 Aug 2008

I agree with the others.

With a laptop you are very limited to any possible future upgrades that you may wish to do in years to come, basically the spec of the Laptop now will be more or less what you will be stuck with, whereas with a Desktop you can easily upgrade, add newer parts/components etc.

You may think upgrading is not important but who knows what you may wish to do with your computer at a later date and this may involve needing to add a component or upgrade your computer, and by having a Desktop this would be easy to do.

  peter99co 22:20 26 Aug 2008

Go to speakers corner and see 'hate you laptop...'

  bluto1 22:49 26 Aug 2008

Not this particular topic. Last time I asked for advice on Desktops costing between £400 and £500.
Close though.

peter99co, I saw it's opening earlier. I'll go back and have a look.

Technotiger and Fatboy Slim71, very good points, and they may well be the deciding factors.

Thanks for the input, as usual top notch.
I'll leave this open until tomorrow.

  GRIDD 23:05 26 Aug 2008

Unless you're confined for space and want computing on the move then I'd say no to a laptop.

  bluto1 21:15 28 Aug 2008

Thanks a lot all. I've decided to go for a Desktop. I've no real need to carry a laptop around.


  rdave13 21:28 28 Aug 2008

I know it's a bit late for a reply but why not both? Spent a bit for a desktop going on three years ago. Updated and replaced a few things and desktop working well.
Last year spent £290 on a reconditioned laptop from Curries. It's running Vista and I'm using it really as a backup. PSU failed not so long ago on the desktop but could order a new one using the laptop. Just a thought. Basic laptops are quite cheap and handy if you have only the one PC.

  bluto1 21:37 28 Aug 2008

Good thinking, but either way I'd prefer an external HDD for back-up. It's still an idea worth remembering. Thanks again.

  rdave13 21:41 28 Aug 2008

If your PSU fails then an external HDD back-up isn't going to be worth much unless you pop into PC World.
PSUs cheaper on the net..:)

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