desktop not starting

  slimpikins 18:01 07 Jun 2010

Acer Aspire L100 (vista)
When i plug the unit in all i get is a loud screeching sound like something is jammed, after a cupple of seconds it stops and nothing happens, no lights no power or nothing. I have taken a look in the unit and can not see any obvious signs like loose connections (ECT) has anybody got any sugestions as to what the problem may be and possible solutons to fix them,ty.

  T I M B O 18:07 07 Jun 2010

1st off i have to say, When i try to copy and paste "Acer Aspire L100" i get this very anoying pop up that stops me from copying, GRRRRR !!!

Ok ,,, have you checked that the cooling fan for the cpu is clean and no dust bunnies floating about. If the fan is not working as it should, then it may overheat and turn itself off.

  birdface 18:25 07 Jun 2010

Maybe just a reaction to all of those red sites that you visit.

  chub_tor 18:25 07 Jun 2010

Is this similar to your machine? click here it is classified as an unltra small form factor so things will be tight inside. Do as TIMBO suggests and check that one of your fans is not stuck, particularly check that the power supply fan is moving as well as the fan over the CPU. Failing that it could be the hard drive.

  T I M B O 18:31 07 Jun 2010

If this remark was directed at me "Maybe just a reaction to all of those red sites that you visit."

1) I fail to see how this helps slimpikins
2) How do you know what sites I visit?

  birdface 23:11 07 Jun 2010

No it was directed at slimpikins after reading his other thread.

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