Desktop not booting up - Corrupt files?! - HELP

  steve_tipton 13:14 09 Jun 2005

I've been experiencing big problems with my win 98 system ever since it crashed on me last week when deleting some old files/history etc - and since then it hasnt let me back into my desk top without crashing.

I am quite a novice so please forgive me for this....I have tried a number of remedial actions as read on here and elsewhere (involving restistries etc) but I am now at my witts end - and even pricing up to buy another computer because I cant get it sorted - which is just daft i know!!!!

When I boot on the dos page it tells me: 'The follwoing file is missing or corrupted c:\cdrom\gscdrom.sys' 'There is an error in your config.sys file on line 3' Now as it stand i cannot get my desk-top to display (not even in safe mode). When I log on in either safe mode or normal the blue screen appears (with nothing else) and then an error appears and then it shutdowns. I just want to get access to my desk-top so at least I can save stuff off my hard drive - or of course at best get things back to normal!! Can anyone help PLEASE????? What does this error mean and how can I remedy it? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  Alan H E 14:05 09 Jun 2005

If you have backed up your files do a reinstall. Do you have recovery disc or a win 98 disc?

  Alan H E 14:05 09 Jun 2005

PS if you have a bootup floppy you could try that first.

  wee eddie 14:31 09 Jun 2005

It appears that you have accidentally deleted one or more of the essential Registry files.

There are many here that will be able to advise you what to do.

Meanwhile, gather together any disks that arrived with the PC, try to remember any passwords, and see if you can find any software that you need reloaded, as you will probably have to do some sort of restore.

Don't do it yet as you will loose your files.

  phono 14:32 09 Jun 2005

Try installing windows over the top of itself, that is, make sure you install it in the same directory as it is already installed in, in most cases this will be C:\Windows. This should sort out any missing or corrupt files and shouldn't alter any of your data or program files.

If you try that and it still wont work you may have a corrupt registry but that can hopefully be sorted after trying the above tip.

  cwham 14:33 09 Jun 2005

Go to dos an insert your windows 98 install cd,and type in D:\SETUP (Assuming that D: is your cd drive),this will re-install win98 over writing the corrupt files,the data that you saved previously will still be on your hard disk,and you will be able to access them

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:39 09 Jun 2005

Win98 restore
Boot with a win98floppy start disc click here, download the file to hard disc then put clean floppy in drive double click download to create 98 boot disc start with disc at A:\> type

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:40 09 Jun 2005

Win98 restore
Boot with a win98floppy start disc if not got one then click here, download the file to hard disc then put clean floppy in drive double click download to create 98 boot disc.

Start with disc at A:\> type SCANREG /RESTORE press enter from list choose old date to restore before your problem started.

  steve_tipton 17:45 09 Jun 2005

thanks guys - I shall try and over-install the windows disk tonight (touch wood!!).

  steve_tipton 10:55 10 Jun 2005

I tried overwriting Windows 98 as instructed below but I am experiencing
problems doing so. When in Dos I typed in D:\SETUP but nothing happens??? What
am I doing wrong?? I don't seem to hear any noise (ie the cd starting up) when I put the cd into the drive. I have also tried rebooting from disk by putting the startup disk into the disk drive and then switching the computer on buta
black screen appears saying something like 'system disk error, press any key to continue' or remove the disk I think. As you can see I am not very computer savvy!!

At this stage I just want to get back into my desktop - and I will do whatever to do so. Is overwriting Windows 98 the best way to do and if so how do I go about this if the above doesn't work? I'm willing to try anything!!!!!

  Joe R 11:21 10 Jun 2005


type in E:\setup

Windows creates a virtual drive when booting from cd or floppy, thus putting the drives back a letter.

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