desktop with multiple user accounts.

  rash wilson 17:03 11 May 2005

When another user runs a program which alters the screen resolution itjumbles up my nice orderly desktop. Is it possible to lock my desktop layout?

  mattyc_92 17:25 11 May 2005

Not as I know of unless you are prepared to use "Third Party Software"

  rash wilson 06:57 12 May 2005

What third party software?

  mattyc_92 12:10 12 May 2005

I am not too sure, but I know that there are some programs out there to do this.... Just "google" it...

There is this i have found (took 3 seconds from a google search): click here

  rash wilson 08:55 13 May 2005

As all I`m worried about is appearance, not security, it`s a bit of a sledgehammer but thanks anyway.

  BEN MARSHALL 15:50 13 May 2005

what operating system are you using, if XP then make your user account in documents and settings folder PRIVATE! and create other user accounts it may be because the account the program is run on is causing the problem, if that account is an administrator then it will effect you! try runing it on a limited account or changinh your secreen resalution and then aranging your icons etc...


  BEN MARSHALL 15:53 13 May 2005

PS: Third Party software is a program by another developer doing the job or changing the origanal software like a plug-in E.g. seeing all shutdown, restart, standby, hibernat, logoff, switch users in all one box instead of using 2 diffrent split up ways of showing them!

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