dec1567 23:28 04 Jan 2018

Hi all, I launched my pc today, ran netflix and suddenly the screen went blank, and the sound went off. The blue light indicator on the monitor went from blow to orange, and the "No VGA connection" showed. Anyway I've launched it around 10 times and still it will not work. When the monitor goes off, I can't switch the PC off using the power button, I have to switch it off on the back, or unplug it (Which I hate doing!) I am on windows 10, and I would appreciate all the help I can get, it works on smart mode although when booted normally it will not give me enough time to make changes to it before the screen goes off, meaning I can't update drivers and do advanced changes unless its on safemode. Thankyou for your time! :)

  wee eddie 01:46 05 Jan 2018

I think that you must expect the problem to be with your PC.

You have said that it opens in Safe Mode and then turns off. This is either a Graphics Card problem or overheating. I think that the first is most likely

  wee eddie 02:28 05 Jan 2018

I just finished work early tonight and have been thinking more about it. I don't think the Power Supply is giving the necessary any longer

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