Desktop / Laptop- NTL broadband.

  dezi 12:09 29 May 2005

I have an NTL broadband modem connection working OK on my desktop computer.
Is it possible to connect a laptop, which is 3 rooms away, to this broadband modem in order to work from the laptop without the desktop computer being on ? If so what is best way.

ps. There is an empty 'enet' hole in the back of the NTL modem.
Will appreciate any help

  wallbash 15:13 29 May 2005

You will require a wireless router.Many on NTL use Linksys. The ones to ask are at

  woodchip 15:21 29 May 2005

click here
Firwall router modem with free laptop wireless card. I use it

  pj123 15:25 29 May 2005

A wireless router will do it but the main (the one the router is connected to) has to be switched on. I have a friend with a similar setup (desktop to desktop) but to access the internet via the "slave" cannot be done unless the "main" computer is up and running.

  wallbash 15:58 29 May 2005

Might be wrong here but if the Setup was

Modem .. Router .. Computer/ computer there is no 'slave' computer .

Otherwise you would only use a cross over cable not an expensive router

  Bebee 17:25 29 May 2005

Yes - plug the modem into a wireless router and then only the router and modem need to be on for access. If you are already connecting the PC to the modem with an ethernet cable this can stay the same. If you are using USB you may need to add an ethernet card to the PC (or a wireless card). I'm not sure that you can use both the ethernet and USB from the NTL modem at the same time - you might need to ask NTL that one.


  woodchip 19:49 29 May 2005

With the router in my link you do not need another comp on, that only applies if it's a network. I can switch any of my three comps on and connect to the net two desktops wired ethernet. laptop wireless

  dezi 13:20 31 May 2005

Failed to mention the NTL modem is currently connected to my main computer via USB and only the laptop has enet hole.
Seems a bit tricky to do with main computer off, but will have to try your suggestions unless someone has a full proof method.

Thanks for all the suggestions.

  dezi 13:29 31 May 2005

Would I have a chance if I bought 14 meters cable, connect one end to enet hole of modem (which is on main computer) and connect the other end to enet hole of laptop, again with main computer off.

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