desktop infected - please help

  naineysman 20:14 06 Jul 2008

Bought my neice a dell laptop from santa and now she has it full of bugs. normally i can deal with this but she's over did it and i am struggling.

Dont have normal desktop, i.e. no program files or my computer or control panel. i think administrator has been locked out so i cant uninstall some of the nasties before i even start to run adaware etc.

  Technotiger 20:20 06 Jul 2008

Hmm, if it really is that bad, it looks as if the only option might be a complete re-format and re-installation of Windows.

Unless you can run any Anti-virus, Malware or Super Anti-spyware programs.

  Technotiger 20:21 06 Jul 2008

You can't of course 'un-install' nasties - you have to try and kill 'em.

  naineysman 20:21 06 Jul 2008

just copied over adaware 2007 but it wont let me instal it? gulp

  naineysman 20:22 06 Jul 2008

even task manager is disabled

  tullie 20:30 06 Jul 2008

You have antivirus and firewall installed dont you?run the anti virus,install and run ccleaner,run adaware.
Or do a reinstall of windows.
What do you mean when you say you have no programme files,my computer etc?

  naineysman 20:35 06 Jul 2008

cant run anything, wont let me, when you go start - you normally see quick launch icon plus control panel, printers my comp, my pics, my docs, etc, they are all missing, only got - select program actions and defaults and connect to
there are loads of scans and malware progs running but i cant action any of them or clear the infections found because i think (pretty sure) they are part of the problem,

I want to start by uninstalling all these daft programs she has loaded but i cant access 'Control Panel'

  mrwoowoo 20:47 06 Jul 2008

Have you tried starting in safe mode,usually by tapping f8 or preesing delete whilst booting.
Then you can run your anti-virus etc.

  Technotiger 20:48 06 Jul 2008

If you can, try and download and install click here this is much better than add/remove in control panel anyway.

  Dopeman 20:50 06 Jul 2008

you could try a system restore - but that would only work, if the problem has occurred recently

  naineysman 20:57 06 Jul 2008

getting a mmessage

system error 1819 has occurred, service is not online

when i try to instal adaware 2007 but I am 'online'

now trying some more of the above

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