Desktop Icons Slow to Open

  SIXTYONE 15:26 10 Aug 2005

I have Win XP but icons like Microsoft Word ect is slow to open

  Jackcoms 15:27 10 Aug 2005

When did you last do some PC housekeeping?

  SIXTYONE 15:34 10 Aug 2005

Just the other day. Would MSN slow it down

  Jackcoms 16:02 10 Aug 2005

What did your housekeeping involve - a good clean out with click here

A registry edit with click here

And a defrag?

Not sure what you mean by MSN. MSN Messenger??

In any event, I can't help as I don't use MSN.

Perhaps another Forum member will be able to advise.

  ACOLYTE 17:13 10 Aug 2005

MSN/Windows messenger shouldnt effect the pc speed that much even if it was set to boot with windows,how much Ram have you got and whats running in the taskbar,usually the pc resources get used and things slow down.

  Funkey 17:25 10 Aug 2005

I'd say either possible virus problems or corrupted "Background running programs" may cause the issue.

See if the problem happens with something nice and easy like Wordpad (Start button -> Programs -> Accessories -> Wordpad). If same occurs then reboot pc, start tapping F8 when the screen goes black, when you see the "Advanced Windows Startup Menu" use the cursor keys to select "Safe Mode". Once you have logged into safe mode (dont worry if all looks strange - its temporary until you reboot) start up Wordpad again and see if there is a difference. if it launches quicker than in "normal" mode then reboot pc and when you have gotten to the desktop right click on each of the icons near your clock and exit or shut them down. If Wordpad launches fine after shutting some down then you have an idea as to what is causing the problem.....then its just simply a case of uninstalling the offending program and try reinstalling it (just in case it was a "one off" corrupt installation).

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