Desktop Icons losing their memory?

  Ducatisto 11:10 01 Sep 2005

I have had one issue resolved today (thankyou crx1600!) but alas I forgot of another that is still haunting me.

I like to keep one set of icons to the right of my desktop with the "regular" program icons populating the left hand side but after moving them to their respective sides upon restarts they all populate the left hand side and I have to seperate them again. Is there a hotfix that enables my desktop to remember how I want my icons to remain where I put them?

  Stuartli 11:17 01 Sep 2005

Right click on the Desktop and then click on Arrange Icons by...

Tick the first three of the last four menu choices (Align to grid etc); after you rearrange your icons they should remain in place.

  Ducatisto 12:04 01 Sep 2005


That did not work. I have gone through all possible permutations of Align to grid etc and no matter what all icons revert to the left hand side.

  dave_and_confused 12:07 01 Sep 2005

Uncheck "Auto Arrange"

  Stuartli 12:49 01 Sep 2005

If the three menu items I listed are Enabled then Auto Arrange is not...:-)

  Stuartli 12:51 01 Sep 2005

I use the configuraton mentioned and my Desktop icons are neatly and tidily arranged, yet can be moved about the screen to exactly where I want them to be if required.

  dave_and_confused 12:55 01 Sep 2005

You said "Tick the first three of the last four menu choices "

The last four choices on my list are -

Align to grid
Show Desktop Icons
Lock Web Icons on Desktop
Run Desktop Cleanup Wizard

Auto Arrange is one above Align to grid and not in "...the last four menu choices"

Your menu might not the same same mine or Ducatisto's.


  dave_and_confused 12:55 01 Sep 2005

1) Align to grid

2) Show Desktop Icons

3) Lock Web Icons on Desktop

4) Run Desktop Cleanup Wizard

  Stuartli 12:56 01 Sep 2005

Just in case your menu is slightly different, the three to Enable are Alight to Grid, Show Desktop Icons and Lock Web Items on Desktop.

  Ducatisto 00:19 02 Sep 2005

I have ticked Align to Grid, Show Desktop Icons and Lock Web Items on Desktop and I have just sarted my PC and, yup you guessed all icons are neatly set out...... on the left again. I have since downloaded a freeware program called icon_restore which adds a couple of entries on your right click menu, Save Desktop Icon Layout and in case of Windows screwing up again a Restore Desktop Icon Layout entry. Sorry but I Googled it and I omitted to save the URL.

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