Desktop icons change...why?

  Skeletor 10:31 21 Jun 2005

Just recently (well, after installing a new HDD actually) I have found that sometimes when I close any program, my desktop shortcut icons change briefly to what I would describe as MS icons, that are used in the absence of program specific icons, i.e. the Adobe Reader 7 icon changes from what looks like a white flag with 3 red lines to a boring white rectangle with the top right corner curled over with something inside. Although most of them reappear in a fraction of a second, 2 or 3 of them don't.

It's not a major problem as these icons work perfectly well. I'm just curious as to what could be causing it.

Win XP Home



  woodchip 11:01 21 Jun 2005

Somthing slowed your computer down. It's the Windows GUI that's a bit slow

  ventanas 11:07 21 Jun 2005

It's just a screen refresh, mine do it all the time. Some icons take longer than others to come back to normal, just as yours do.

  Skeletor 11:13 21 Jun 2005

Thanks guys,

The problem is that 2 or 3 of the icons never return to normal. The only way to get them back is to reboot.


  ventanas 11:27 21 Jun 2005

That shouldn't happen. I would try dragging out new shortcuts, or right click the desktop and choose properties. Click the appearance tab and then the advanced button. From the Item list choose Icon and then change the size from the default 32 to anything else, and then change it back again. Sometimes cures this.

  woodchip 11:45 21 Jun 2005

Have you tried the Performance settings to "Adjust for Best Performance" to find this in XP

Right Click My Computer\Properties\Advanced\Performance....Settings

  Big Elf 11:54 21 Jun 2005

Corrupt Icon cache? click here

  Big Elf 11:56 21 Jun 2005

Or increase the size of the cache click here#

Backup the registry before tweaking though, just to be safe.

  Skeletor 13:06 21 Jun 2005


I've tried resizing the icons and then reverting back. Unfortunately, no joy.


I took a look at Performance settings, but couldn't find anything that might help with my problem, and I don't really want to change things willy nilly (recipe for disaster methinks)

Big Elf,

Tried deleting ShellIconCache, but couldn't find it. Apparently I'm not alone in this, as a quick Google showed. I tried deleting the iconcache.DBX which is a suggested alternative. Still no joy.

I think the best bet is to create new shortcuts and hope they don't disappear.

Thanks all,


  VCR97 20:01 21 Jun 2005

I raised a similar query in the PCA magazine Helpline a couple of years ago. The resident expert said something about memory leakage but I can't remember any more details. That was a W98 system.

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