Desktop Icons - annoying delay ...

  Stonechatz 17:34 11 Sep 2005

... whenever I close an application - the desktop sometimes clears completely, and when the icons reappear, they are "all in their underwear" so to speak - it taking several seconds for each 'proper' icon to restore itself to the desktop! Why does this happen at all? And is there a way around it? I have WinXP Home, 512MB mem, and an Intel Extreme Graphics 2 chip?

  User-312386 17:37 11 Sep 2005

I used to have that problem, even with 1GB ram

I found it was the T1/T2 timings in the BIOS for the memory to speed up

  Stonechatz 23:23 11 Sep 2005

What did you do to resolve it? I hope its not too final, and I will be able to reset if it goes wrong? :)

  User-312386 20:10 12 Sep 2005

go to BIOS

now to the advanced chipset

Now to DRAM configuratin and look down the list for 1T/2T Memory timing, this should be set to auto

Save settings in BIOS and restart

  Stonechatz 10:37 26 Sep 2005

... seem to have the features you specified = DELL

  woodchip 10:48 26 Sep 2005

Try this, If you see lots of Icons in the System tray on the right bottom corner of screen.

Go to Run type MSCONFIG go to the startup tab you will see box's with tick's that start at boot remove all the tickes you do not need, leave Anti-Virus Running and Firewall running. other you could try if you have problems with anything after you restart put the tick back in the box that you need. Also in My Programs StartUp there may be items that will over ride MSCONFIG these are only shortcuts to programs and can be deleted by right clicking on them

  Stonechatz 13:18 30 Sep 2005

... just that when I close an application that has been making full use of my screen - the icons on my desktop appear all the same, and it takes about 10 seconds or so for all the different icons to replace themselves on the desktop - frustratingly, as it introduces an unwanted dealy! :)

  BurrWalnut 13:41 30 Sep 2005

When you close a window the computer hesitates while windows "refreshes" all of the Desktop Icons. This is because the ShellIconCache file has reached its limit of 500 entries. To stop this Start, Run, type regedit and open the key:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer and Edit, New, String Value. Name it MaxCachedIcons and then right-click and Modify the value to 2000.

  Confab 13:42 30 Sep 2005

Defrag and clean up your your hard drive and install and run Crap Cleaner from click here cleanup from click here

and regseeker from click here

Also do as woodchip says and have a look at what's running in the background. It might also be worth running Ad-aware from click here

All these apps are well used by forum members and free

  bretsky 16:18 30 Sep 2005

I must stop doing this, hi-jacking somebody else's thread, my apologies, thanx BurrWalnut just done the reg hack and try as I may to get the icons to go bare, it is not doing it now!

Mine use to do this when first booted up and closing or minimising either a windows app usually My docs or the Recycle Bin or a heavy memory intensive graphics program.

Thanx again for the tip!!

bretsky ;0)

  Stonechatz 22:47 03 Oct 2005

... the MaxCachedIcons worked a treat! Many thanks!

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