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  shizzy 21:20 14 Apr 2009

I don't know if anyone can help or has had this problem but on both of our computers when you go back to the desktop after using photos a lot or playing Mahjong some of the icons are missing and the rest are usually white. They then take a few seconds to build. One PC is under a year old and is a Pentium Quad core with a Nvidia 6800GTX graphics card. Although we know that XP only uses just over 3gig of ram it has 4gig of Crucial Ballistix, upgraded from 2gig of Corsair but the problem still remains. Odd times it has needed a reboot to get the Icons back.
My machine is an Athlon 3500 with a 6600GT card and 2 gig of ram but started doing it as well just before Xmas.I uninstalled AVG8, Spybot etc. on mine and now use Avira and SuperAntispyware with Defender We uninstalled Mahjong on both PCs but nothing makes any difference. They are both XP SP3 machines with all MS patches. The thing is as well is that this happens most times but not every time. I watch a webcam at Bristol Zoo and that can sometimes cause it as well.

  shizzy 21:25 14 Apr 2009

Quad core PC is 8800GTX graphics card.

  brundle 22:07 14 Apr 2009

Do you have a lot of data files on the desktop, or a huge bitmap background wallpaper? Modern machines ought to cope with that, but its a tweak I regularly apply to slow systems with multi-megabyte wallpaper. Load into Irfanview, crop or resize to actual screen size, reduce colour depth to 256 (works better on some images than others), use Irfanview to apply wallpaper.

  shizzy 22:12 14 Apr 2009

Thank You Brundle. We use a photo for wallpaper but our other more powerful machine is just MS pale blue.

  MAJ 22:21 14 Apr 2009

Try this tweak click here and if that doesn't help, try increasing the Icon Cache size. click here

  shizzy 21:03 16 Apr 2009

MAJ I did the first tweak in your link and deleted the file but it never recreated when I rebooted so to be on the safe side I did as someone else did on that forum and restored it from the recycle bin.I don't feel confident enough to play around in the registry so will leave things as they are although funnily enough the icons have built ok since but it is an intermittent problem. Thank you anyway.

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