Desktop icon "~"

  Channel 18:45 18 Nov 2003

This icon, "~ " keeps appearing on my desktop.It can't be opened, and Norton and AdAware disregard it.I don't know where it's coming from, or what it is.Someone with the same problem wrote to PC Advisor's December Helpline, and was recommended to download sysinternal's Filemon,which would identify it, but this seems too complicated a program for me.There must be others with the same problem, so has anyone discovered its origin ?

  powerless 18:48 18 Nov 2003

PCA should have wrote that it is to do with a Windows Update.

A bug in a Windows Update.

Just delelte it.

  johnnyrocker 18:49 18 Nov 2003

likewise it serves no useful purpose.


  hugh-265156 18:57 18 Nov 2003

rename it xxx.wab and you will see that it is your outlook express book.

windows creates a back up whenever a new contact or anything is added or changed in the address book and this is it.

as the folks above have said its a quirky windows xp bug due to a recient update.

hopefully it will be fixed soon.

delete it.

  Channel 18:28 19 Nov 2003

I don't have Windows XP, but 98SE, and I don't think it will be Windows Update, as I long ago deleted the Update schedule.I'm not sure that I had altered my Address Book, either, but I will notice next time the icon appears.Thanks

  Jester2K II 18:30 19 Nov 2003

Its been mentioned here dozens of times. Its a bug in Outlook Express Address Book. It harmless and can be deleted.

  bretsky 20:51 19 Nov 2003

I had this file, not on my desktop but in my wab backup on my floppy disc,and this would create a duplicate of my wab inside wab,sooooooo.... would have two folders of everything.....nightmare!!!
A reader of pca pointed this out in this months pca I think,he took it up with microsoft and they are aware of this issue.
If you have o/e6 update sp1 april 2003 No 330994 {go to add and remove programs and scoll down, it will be under outlook express} DELETE IT and this file disappear, and I am pleased to say that I have no duplicates of wab on my floppy!....
Good luck...........Bretsky.

  rickf 21:29 19 Nov 2003

Just delete it. It happened to me a month ago. No harm caused by deleting.

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