desktop has vanished

  SJ73 22:34 24 Mar 2009

hi, hope someone has and idea. i have a feeling its something simple i just don't know what it is. i have a laptop, running xp home, firefox. was working fine, shut it down. next time i started up i got an error message saying it couldn't find shdocvw.dll. i could get to my mail via task manager. i got someone to download the dll and email it and i put that back in to windows system. now it restarts without the message but i just get a desktop screen but now icon and no task bar with start on it. but i can get to email and now the internet via task manager. how do i get it back

many thanks

  mgmcc 22:53 24 Mar 2009

Try booting with the "Last Known Good Configuration".

Immediately after powering on, tap the "F8" key until the boot menu appears and from it select the option for the "Last Known...."

  SJ73 23:00 24 Mar 2009

i tried that. no change tar

  Sea Urchin 23:54 24 Mar 2009

Line 195 Right Hand Side - Restore Desktop Icons and Taskbar

click here

  Mark5001 06:38 25 Mar 2009

Open the task manager CTRL+ALT+DEL. Open the applications tab and click on "new task". Type in the word "explorer" without the quotes and ok it. All should return.

  SJ73 17:08 25 Mar 2009

hi mark, i just tried that and the tool bar with start flashs but on and then off again.

sea urchin i have know idea what your on about line 195 right hand etc.

  Sea Urchin 17:16 25 Mar 2009

Did you click the link - obviously not - because if you had you would be able to scroll down to script I am referring to.

  Mark5001 17:18 25 Mar 2009

Sea Urchin means go to the site in his link. On the left it's numbered 1 to whatever. Look for 195 and on the right of the screen is a vb script that may sort your problem. You have to download and run it.

  SJ73 18:08 25 Mar 2009

sea urchin im so sorry i really just didnt see the click here on your message.
thanks mark for explaining it agian to me.

however i have downloaded it and run it still nothing happend. oh and i did do the normal virus scans as well. i know it has to be something simple. if i only i knew what :o)

  Sea Urchin 18:24 25 Mar 2009

May or may not be something simple. You could try the 'obvious' solution

Right-click the desktop.
Point to Arrange Icons By.
Click Show Desktop Icons

but I'm not very hopeful that it will work

  Sea Urchin 18:43 25 Mar 2009

Read through this link - it might give you some ideas

click here

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