desktop has lost

  musiclady 06:36 21 May 2011

my cpu fan fell off, got a new one sorted, but now i cant find my sata hard drive or my dvd rom drive in device manager, pc running xp, device manager asnt picked them up, all the drivers are ok

  johndrew 10:16 21 May 2011

Not knowing exactly what happened when the "CPU fan fell off" it is hard to diagnose what may have happened within the PC. Added to that it is difficult not knowing what was done and by whom when the "new one" was "sorted". It would also help to know if the SATA drive that can't be found is a second internal drive and if the DVD drive is IDE or SATA.

I am presuming the C: drive is fully functional and you have no problems booting into XP and that you get no messages.

It is possible the connections for the two drives on the motherboard were disturbed/disconnected. I suggest the first thing to do is watch the screen on boot up if the BIOS information (the white script on a black screen before the XP loading bar) is visible and see if the two drives are shown - this would be under a heading such as 'IDE Drives' with a list showing hard drives and CD/DVD drives. If this screen is not visible you will need to go into BIOS (generally by pressing when you first switch on) and see if the drives are recognised there. If they are not present it is possible they are not connected properly to the motherboard or the leads are not correctly installed at the drives. To correct this you will need to gain access to the inside of the PC.

The link shows how to check the connectors are fitted correctly at both ends. You must ensure mains power is disconnected before starting the work and remember that if the PC has been running there will be hot components within it. link text

If you still have problems post back.

  lotvic 10:23 21 May 2011

Do they show in: 1. rightclick 'My Computer' > Manage > Disk Management ?

  1. And also are they listed when you rightclick 'My Computer' > explore ?
  musiclady 17:06 21 May 2011

says no array defined

  musiclady 17:06 21 May 2011

says no array defined

  woodchip 19:19 21 May 2011

If it cannot see the Hard Drive, then all She will get is Error Messages, NOT WINDOWS. You do not say how far it boots or when it stops, Have you been into the BIOS to see if the drives show?????

Try setting them to Auto in BIOS, You may need to reload SATA Drivers from a FLOPPY or USB pen drive

  lotvic 23:53 21 May 2011

if you get message no array defined then it must be something to do with RAID ARRAY I would think.

Someone with more knowledge than me about RAID might be able to help.

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