desktop freezing

  [DELETED] 07:24 02 Dec 2003

Running windows 98se,on startup the system runs right through to near completion desktop and trays complete hourglass comes up and drive runs for final loading of startup info when,,,,,,,it chooses to shutdown automatically.Comes back up and goes to scandisk indicating a hard reset then comes back on and this cycle could be repeated again right through to a completed desk top.Everything seems ok this time but the mouse is locked and so is the keyboard,so I have to manually power down and restart.Usually after this everything is ok and no problems happen until the next restart.I have checked the startup list and have reduced it down to,explorer systray ccapp and hidserv,ruuning norton sysworks and firewall,so removed ccapp to prevent prog running and problem still exists.Any ideas????

  Diodorus Siculus 08:21 02 Dec 2003

Backround Service which provides support for USB Audio Devices and USB Multimedia keyboards.

Do you need this? If you have a USB keyboard, try replacing it with a PS2 connected keyboard if possible.

  [DELETED] 10:46 02 Dec 2003

Yes ive got an old ps2 kboard but used a usb with vol control on this sysyem for the last 3 years,so why change,hidserv has never given problems before.My theories are towards the last items loaded into the system as I have mouse movement up to the point of freezing.

  Diodorus Siculus 10:53 02 Dec 2003

Yes, I understand that it has worked up until now; but why not try a different keyboard and see if it helps. Disable hidserv and see what happens. A recent update of windows, or even IE, could have caused a conflict.

  [DELETED] 13:06 02 Dec 2003

If you've updated your AV AND it does a bootscan at startup you might find that cutting out the start up AV scan fixes this.

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