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  taggs 13:04 19 Oct 2004

Hi everyone,
when i've finished playing system intensive games, such as doom3 blackhawk down, MOH etc, my desktop seems to take ages to revert back to normal,I get large blocks of black screen which slowly return and icons reappear one at a this the norm? or is my system jst to slow!
running windows xp on athlon xp2400+ 512mb ram geforce xf5200 256mb
many thanks

  Diemmess 13:19 19 Oct 2004

Games are known to use every scrap of power and memory, and some are not good at letting go when you leave.

If this happens every time, yet doesn't seem to affect ordinary use from a normal startup, then you can probably clear this "constipation" with a reboot at the earliest reasonable time.

  taggs 18:29 19 Oct 2004

thanks for the info, my system dosn't suffer in any way and after a few mins everything runs normal

  Diemmess 19:35 19 Oct 2004

I'll bet the memory stealer is one of your most demanding games, so you won't really be able to do anything except be patient.

There are some programs available which can re-allocate memory from a closing application, though it must be a careful choice to avoid any deterioration in your computer's ability to do this for itself. Also every time you add something which runs in the background, it adds to the loading and slows the system

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