Desktop crashes because of incoming phone call

  theoryace 13:15 07 Jan 2015


When my phone is near my desktop (not plugged in) and I get an incoming call on my mobile phone my desktop freezes and crashes right after.

I know it seems weird but I tried other phones and it keeps crashing so it's not my iphone that is causing the crash but something inside my desktop that's picking up weird signals.

Anyone knows a solution to this problem?

Kind Regards, Glenn

  johndrew 13:55 07 Jan 2015

If it is only your mobile being near your PC that causes it to crash then move it away. If it is the mobile generating a signal in a landline that is near the PC then move the mobile from the landline and check/replace your filter(s). Any signal to a mobile will generate an electronic signal which may easily cause interference in components in the PC unless it is hardened (shielded) from them. Hardening a PC may not be easy, cheap or practical and as a result distance from the cause of the problem (crashing) is the simplest and most practical solution.

  amonra 14:00 07 Jan 2015

Sounds a bit like interference from the phone getting into the desktop. First thing to do is remove ALL the plug-in items from the machine, ( printer, mouse, keyboard etc. ) boot up the machine and then try the phone alongside it. If it boots up and stays up, then start to replace the externals one at a time. You may get the odd message saying xyz is missing, but ignore them for the sake of testing. Another point, check the tightness of the screws securing the sides of the case. Good luck.

  theoryace 17:28 08 Jan 2015

But I think something in my desktop isn't shielded right, might be my SSD.. Sometimes I can get a call and it won't freeze but 90% of the incoming phone calls freeze my pc and causes it to shutdown/reboot.

amonra, why should I remove all my plug-is? This is the case is use click here what screws should I check?

johndrew, how can I harden my PC?

If I get call 2-3 meters away from my desktop it's alright.. but if I get closer it freezes..

  wee eddie 17:47 08 Jan 2015

First things first: This must have had a beginning. Can you remember any changes you made immediately prior to the start.

Secondly: The remaining of all external items, is a way of isolating the problem. Just reattach one at a time until the culprit identifies itself.

Just a thought: Does your PC and/or phone have Bluetooth enabled.

  compumac 21:02 08 Jan 2015

One of my associates had exactly the same problem but with a landline phone. It was established (eventually) that the external wiring outside the house was the problem. BT came and checked the phone lines and found the problem some 50 yards away from the house.

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