Desktop contents to laptop.

  estabond 21:05 27 Jun 2009

I have a Packard Bell desktop on XP SP3, an external HDD on which is Acronis True Image backup of the whole desktop stuff.
I have now acquired a Laptop with Vista home pre installed.
Can I plug in the Hdd to the laptop’s USB, run Acronis restore to the laptop to end up with the laptop exactly like the desktop is at present??
Could I run into problems?
Layman’s terms please, how do I do it without any installation CDs?

  rdave13 22:50 27 Jun 2009

No. To start with, drivers, duplicate key.....

  estabond 06:17 28 Jun 2009

Sorry, you've lost me already. I did sa layman's terms. What drivers- where from? which 'duplicate key?

  Jim_F 08:36 28 Jun 2009

In more detail:

1) When Windows is installed it configures itself to the hardware it is installed on both in terms of its own hardware interface and specific drivers it installs. A copy of Windows configured to different hardware could corrupt the bios, write garbage to your harddrive, corrupt itself and crash the machine.

2) XP is rather good at spotting hardware changes and would lock you out (it did this to me after a harddisk crash). As you don't have install disks then I presume your version of XP is OEM (locked to the machine) so Microsoft won't help.

There is a third issue that overwriting the operating system would void any warranty or support for the laptop.

I hope this helps explain, sorry its not better news.

  Taff™ 09:05 28 Jun 2009

If you just want to transfer data, e-mail and settings etc use Windows Easy Transfer which is built into Vista. click here

click here(WS.10).aspx for complete tutorial.

  estabond 15:24 28 Jun 2009

Thanks all. It sounds just as I feared - laborious.

  Taff™ 23:42 29 Jun 2009

Yes it might be but we have offered to help. If you can`t be bothered Ok. Otherwise post back and we`ll talk you through it - we`re here to offer help for free. Otherwise take it to PC World and pay their prices!

  Taff™ 07:51 30 Jun 2009

It appears that estabond does indeed want to transfer all his files and settings to the new laptop and make the desktop redundant. Windows Easy Transfer will do this in about the same time as it takes to do an Acronis full computer backup.

Briefly you run WET on the Vista machine using your external drive as the destination for the transfer data. The WET program is transferred onto the external drive. Moving the drive to the desktop you run the WET program and select the defaults to collect all the data from your user account onto the external drive. Returning to the laptop you run WET again, pointing to the transferred data file, selecting the user account to move everything into.

Full instructions in my link but the WET interface is very intuitive and is fairly self explanatory if you read the options carefully. The actual time you would need to be doing anything is probably 15 minutes, the data collection and subsequent transfer to the laptop can happen whilst you`re doing something else!

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