desktop computer shuting down

  talyho 11:33 26 Aug 2009

Hello all could anyone tell me why my computer is shuting down it will run from 15 to 30 minutes then freeze followed by shut down.I am not a computer wizard far from it and would need a very plain explanation, after saying that I did take the fans out to check and found that the one on the PCU was clogged up so removed it and the other fan cleaned them but when I LOOKED AT THE cpu one it had vertualy no paste on it could this be the cause and what do I need to buy to put 0n it. please dont ask me for any real teck questions as the grey matter @ 75 is not there
Thanks for any help

  rickf 11:38 26 Aug 2009

I think it's overheating. You need to buy a small tube of cooling paste fron a comp shop ot computer fair, cheaper. Clean the remnants off the top of the cpu with bit of cotton wool dapped with a solvent, let it dry/evaporate then apply the pstae evenly.You need at least one fan on the side, one on top of the cpu and one at the back of the case. hope this helps

  talyho 11:59 26 Aug 2009

I hope that I am doing this reply right as I have not done it before. I will try what you have said regarding the paste I have only one fan on the PCU and one onthe back should I get PC World to fit another and have you any idea what this would cost.Thanks so much.

  birdface 12:25 26 Aug 2009

[virtualy no paste on it] Never had to do it before but as far as I have been told you have to make sure any paste that is on it has to be removed before putting the new paste on.Meths or probably nail varnish remover on a cotton bud should do the trick.But I am sure someone will tell you exactly what to use.

  birdface 12:28 26 Aug 2009

Think I may have got that wrong.I don't thing you need paste if it was only the fan that you moved.I think it is only if you have removed the Heatsink.

  birdface 12:32 26 Aug 2009

If using a hoover to clean the fans make sure you have a pencil or something to block the fans from can cause some damage I have been told.

  talyho 13:36 26 Aug 2009

I will take on board all your input with much thanks I will try the paste first and if that don't work I will make enquiries about the extra fan, and keep my fingers crossed, PS I did removethe compleate attachment which had a flat plate which had some traces of white paste on it.
What a wonderful site this is for help from people who can spare the time to help people like me THANK YOU ALL

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