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A desktop computer for an old duffer.

  1936 13:50 13 Nov 2016

My Desktop PC is a Custom Build so has no actual make/model details; however, the Motherboard is an ASRock H67M-GE with Intel Graphics which I also believe is an integrated combo Graphics/Sound Card on the Motherboard When I’m writing I need to look for information on the Internet. Since I was stupid enough to listen to its supporters and accept Windows 10 practically every time I open a web page my computer momentarily freezes although if it’s a good day it then carries on. If it’s a bad day it actually freezes and I have to wait a few minutes before I can carry on, if I’m lucky I can use taskmaster by just opening it up and then closing it.
However, sometimes everything is so frozen that I have to pull the plug. I have been attempting to find an answer as to why my computer freezes for several weeks and have got as far as the suggestion that Intel Graphics has not provided a graphics driver.
The problem was that I found it impossible to contact either Intel or ASRock, the computer manufacturer so I have given up and decided to buy a new computer hoping that it comes with all the appropriate drivers.

My needs are simple, for the better part all I do it type although I use the Internet a great deal. I do use Emails a great deal. I don’t download music or films. I don’t play computer games. I do take a lot of digital photographs but am not interested in playing around with them. If there not up to the mark I dump them. I have to admit that although rather elderly I am what I would have been described as in my youth as a flash git so I like attractive looking devices. I’m well aware that I could probably cope with a Lap top but I like desktops. So if anyone would be so kind I wonder if anyone would care to offer a suggestion.
Oh, by the way, while attempting to send this question the computer froze twice and on each occasion I had to pull the plug. This time I have typed the question using a Windows page and I hope that I am lucky enough to be able to have pasted it.

  bumpkin 22:00 13 Nov 2016

Give Fruit Bats suggestion a try first Classic Shell click here I found it made things a lot easier.

  1936 14:20 20 Nov 2016

An additional problem was that although I had reasonable Broadband speeds I could not open Internet pages unless I went through the switching the computer off procedure and switched it on again. The person who comes in when I have computer problems came in last Friday and he discovered that the plugs at the rear of the computer that are connected to I know not what allowed whatever they were connected to move. He put the side plate back on and knocked the computer with his knee by accident and it cut out. He attempted to re start it with no success so he laid it on its side and took the side plate off again and discovered that there was not a single screw holding the mother plate.

He made the assumption that the PSU had failed and said that it would cost as much to buy one as a new computer would.

I want to see if it is possible to check the computer over with a view to mending it at a cost less than a new computer and I have asked a computer person who actually does such work to have a look at it. Its not a question of cost but I just wonder what caused the demise.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:49 20 Nov 2016

All sounds a bit dodgy to me.

PSUs are one of the cheapest components in a PC.

Are you saying the motherboard is not bolted into the case or the cards are not fastened?

Computers are modular beasts and reasonably easy to fix by changing relevant parts eg.

PSU / Motherboard / cpu / heatsink and fan / memory modules / graphics card /sound card, the last two are also built into the motherboard and cpu nowadays.

Start with the basics, fuse in plug / wires in plug, power cable fully inserted in PSU.

  HondaMan 19:40 20 Nov 2016

You could do worse than try here

  1936 12:48 21 Nov 2016

Many thanks for the comment. Sorry, just getting over the Flu. "Try here" for what?

  lotvic 15:01 21 Nov 2016

"Try here" for what?

it's a link to morgan computers, in case you want to buy a pc if yours is broken beyond economical repair, I get a lot of my stuff from morgans.

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