Desktop brightness on my laptop

  nickhick 19:39 04 Nov 2003

Sorry, I posted this query to ConsumerWatch by mistake and so I'v put it in its rightful place.

When I right click on my desktop, I of course get the Display properties window, if I then go to Settings/Advanced/Colour there are various adjustments here including one for 'desktop brightness' represented by a slider control (mine is in the middle). Can this safely be altered to increase the overall brightness level that can of course be varied anyway, within certain parameters on my laptop, by using the appropriate Fn button and 'up and down' etc. My very lowest level of brightness is very dark and I was wondering whether the general level could be increased by invoking this slider control.

  SEASHANTY 19:55 04 Nov 2003

Haven't a laptop but controls are there to be utilised. If it isn't bright enough for you then adjust the setting. Presumably tho' - the greater the brightness on a laptop - the more power it will be using from the battery. So you would expect the use between charging times to be lower.

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