Desktop appearance has changed

  ponytail 21:24 31 Jul 2013

I have been trying to sort out my cd cover printing problems but have changed my desktop appearance it now has a white background with the front cover of the CD in the bottom LH corner of the screen I must have clicked on something and cannot work out how to get it back the way it was.Have tried system restore but that did not work any ideas anyone I am on windows 7

  rdave13 23:34 31 Jul 2013

Try right clicking a blank space on the desktop and selecting 'Personalise', check to see you don't have 'High Contrast White' selected. You can have other 'Themes' selected to bring the desktop back to 'Normal'.

ponytail , what are you doing? lol.

  ponytail 08:14 01 Aug 2013

Thanks rdave13 although I did click on personalise but did not know where to go next.I am tring to out this CD cover printing problem.I always used undercover xp but now when when I try and use it I go to my documents and then click on another folder called vuse downloads to find what I want to print but what it says is in there is not in there nothing that is currently in vuse downloads is listed.Then on this site I got a link to cover xp I used it once and it was fine but now when I try to use it when I select the coversI want to print an select CD front and CD back they do not adjust to the correct size so all I get is a small copy in the bottom LH corner if that makes sense.Maybe there is another suitable program to use that you or someone else could reccommend

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