Spr 10:37 15 Nov 2013

There use to be away of have desktop picture, roll from one photo to the next, can it be done in Vista?

Thank you

  rdave13 10:45 15 Nov 2013

Create a folder then add the photos you want to roll on the desktop background. Right click a blank area on the desktop and select personalise then desktop background and browse to the folder. You can adjust how often the photos change from there.

  Spr 15:30 15 Nov 2013


I have done what you said but I cannot find how to adjust the time for each photo

  rdave13 21:43 15 Nov 2013

When in desktop background, and you've selected the folder does the duration of the picture not show near the 'Picture position' at the bottom?

  Spr 10:01 16 Nov 2013

rdave13 No, all there is three pictures full screen, Tile & Center

  Woolwell 12:44 16 Nov 2013

I think that with Vista you may have to download a program to do it. AFAIK W7 introduced the slideshow.

  rdave13 14:16 16 Nov 2013

Woolwell is correct. Forgot it was Vista. Have a look here, there's a link for a Vista gadget. I've never used it so it's up to you if you install it.

  Bris 14:17 16 Nov 2013

As Woolwell mentioned, I dont believe this was available in Vista but you could try this.

Dont Know what its like as havnt tried it.

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