Desktop ???????

  alan 2273 16:49 03 Oct 2003

This is more of an annoyance than a problem.
Sometimes when I close an application and go back to the desktop the picture has reduced to a quarter of its size and is in the top left corner of the screen, so I have to go into desktop properties, browse to select another picture, click apply then the desktop is back to normal. This only happens ocassionally and I am running XP home.

  AubreyS 17:11 03 Oct 2003

In your desktop settings, is the position setting option set to "stretch"?

  Proxy worm 17:57 03 Oct 2003

some virus' are known to muuck up your desktop?
might be a very smal virus at it doenst do anything major but chek it out with a symantexc free check on therwe site - if they still do them!

  alan 2273 18:37 03 Oct 2003

Yes it was set to stretch, I have know set it to center. IS their a known issue with having it sety to stretch.
TO Proxy worm Ihave scanned with an up to date AVG and also an online scan which showed no viruses, lets hope taking it of stretch solves the problem.
Thanks to both of you for your help.
Regards ALAN.

  AubreyS 18:47 03 Oct 2003

Alan. Try opening up the folder where the picture you want to place on yor desktop is then without opening it, right click on it and choose "Select as desktop background" I don't think it will work but its worth a try. I'll keep my fingers crossed!

  alan 2273 19:14 03 Oct 2003

have opened and used 3 different programmes and gone back to the desktop with no problems, so it looks like having it on stretch was the problem, once again thanks

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