Deskto too Router

  swanny2 16:25 14 Mar 2009

ive got my desktop connected too my router via a ethernet cable,then my sons laptop picks up the signal wireless,what i would like too know is.Ive just been given a small spec pc, its not got a wirelss card in it,but would i be able too put a cable into the back of my router then into his new desktop pc? or,would i have too buy a wireless card too fit into the desktop.then hope the router picks it not too clued up on this,as me other sons laptop cant get a signal off the roruter even tho his laptop is wireless.
thanks in advance

  swanny2 18:08 14 Mar 2009

Just tryed my sons laptop wireless, as hes not used it in a while and that wont pick a signal up too get on the net :(

  rdave13 20:14 14 Mar 2009

Have a look here; click here
As for the PC that hasn't got a 'wireless card' you can buy a wireless 'dongle' that will connect to the PC via USB. Google shows many; click here=
but would be better if you could get a usb addapter (dongle) of the same make as your router.

  Strawballs 21:19 14 Mar 2009

As long as it has a network socket on the new PC then yes you can connect it to one of the network ports on the router

  swanny2 10:34 15 Mar 2009

I will take a look at the oldish pc ,its not new ,only 500mhz i think windows xp on it tho..
What does the network socket look like/and whats the cable called i need too connect from the desktop too the router. i will need a cable the distance from 1 bedroom too the other,thanks for info i go look now.

  rdave13 11:25 15 Mar 2009
  Strawballs 21:17 15 Mar 2009

It is a square plug similar to the phone one but a bit bigger and the lead you need is a patch lead or also called network lead cat5 if the machine doesn't have a network socket you can put a network card in it (as long as it has a spare pci socket) click here

  swanny2 14:57 16 Mar 2009

Ihave a Ethernet cavble spare somewhere rthe one that goes from my mocem then too my dessktop upstairs, if i connect this too the router then the desktop ive just aquired would this then connect me too the Desktop,or will i need a wireles card fitted into the desktop .pc.

  Strawballs 10:46 17 Mar 2009

If you use a wired connection to the router then no wireless card will be needed and you will be able to network between the computers connected to the router wired or wirelessly

  swanny2 11:23 17 Mar 2009

Thanks for the replysd but im still not too sure,heres how it is.
Ihave the blue leasd into the router then into the Desktop lead from rouuuuter into modem,now this new desktop ive got i just too the blue lead out of my desktop an plugged it into the new 1,But the new one wont connect too the of my sons laptops will connect 1 wont even tho its wireless,point im getting at is why when i plug the blue lead into my desktop im useing now will work ,yet i plug it into the new one it wont?
Hope you understand. thanks.
Swanny :O)

  Strawballs 22:20 17 Mar 2009

Sounds like you have cable connection (Virgin media) You should have a network lead from the modem into the router then one lead from the router for each of the machines that are connected by wire

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