Deskjet HP6210 Scanning Software

  Legslip 13:31 22 Aug 2012

I have reloaded the full drivers umpteen times but it still refuses to scan. Think it's a known problem. Can anyone recommend some free twain compliant software that will enable me to scan documents to PDF and save? Win is Vista 32bit.

  northumbria61 21:43 22 Aug 2012
  northumbria61 21:44 22 Aug 2012
  morddwyd 08:36 23 Aug 2012

Let me say at the outset that my HP knowledge is a year out of date, but you're right, it is a known problem, and is why I moved away from HP after about 15 years.

Firstly, if you are trying to scan wirelessly most HP printers won't (well, the printers probably will, but the software is rubbish!)

Secondly. no matter how many times you've installed the drivers, once you've done it once it is very difficult to uninstall/reinstall them - the normal uninstall procedure leaves a lot of dross behind, which corrupts the new install.

You need to do an L3 (Level 3) uninstall.

Insert your original install disc, but don't run it. It has to be the disc - the file is not available in the downloaded package.

Use explorer to find the L3 file. Usually a .bat file, in the utilities folder.

Run it, and then manually delete any HP folders or files you can find, they will be tucked away all over the place (don't do this if you have an HP computer, of course!) and then reinstall from scratch.

You may have to do this several times - another reason why I moved away from HP.

  Legslip 22:47 26 Aug 2012

Thans Northumbria & Morddwyd. Sorry for late thanks but have been offline for a few days. Appreciate your comments but no longer have the install Cd. Have downloaded the drivers from Hp and reinstalled a number of times but does not sort the prob.

What I was after was some twain freeware that when installed, would allow me to scan docs and save as PDF. Preferabbly without the makers watermark.

  rdave13 22:55 26 Aug 2012

Have you tried uninstalling using Revo and then rebooting and following the installation guide as from new. When to connect etc.

  Legslip 23:12 26 Aug 2012

Thanks rave. Yes, already done that. Just seems that there is a prob with the HP drivers/software with this machine. Might be a Vista prob as I used to own it and it worked ok on XP.

  morddwyd 08:51 28 Aug 2012

I found this, but can't comment on its effectiveness.

"DONT HAVE THE DISC? if you dont have the disc, all you need to do is double click on the downloaded software to extract its contents. After extracting, welcome back screen appears. Do not install it yet, just click on exit. Click on start – run – and type in the box “%temp%” to go to temp folder. Locate the folder that starts with “7z…”. E.G. “7z6nC”… The content of the “7z…” should be the same with disc’s.

c.Go to Control Panel – Add and Remove Programs (for XP), or Programs and Features (for Vista). If there is any HP Software related to the AiO, go ahead and uninstall it."

The full article is here

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