Deskjet 940C Printing Problem

  gandonas 20:51 05 Nov 2008

Deskjet 940C Printing Problem

Just spent hours trying to rectify printer problem , blinking light indicating cartridge problem , replaced cartridges , same flashing light , read post about spring in cartridge holder , have looked an can assure it aint there but does seem feasible that it looks like an inportant part of the holding mechanism , but it aint there and my printer hasnt moved in six months , anyone got ideas about this , earlier posts indicated a missing spring but it doesnt seem right , this 940c has been printing and printing then all of a sudden , nil ?

  bobbybluenose 21:03 05 Nov 2008

you have got to use original cartridges the 940c will not take compatible ones.

  bobbybluenose 21:05 05 Nov 2008

try to keep to this thread you will get a better response cheers bobbby

  gandonas 22:03 05 Nov 2008

Interesting , but Im confused , the printer was running fine with compatibles until the problem occurred.

A tricolour from a Company called Ryman and a black from Morrisons (supermarket) , I renewed both and no change - Ive just put the old Ryman tricolour one back in and the new Morrisons black ...... No flashing light ! and lo and behold Ive just printed !!

All very confusing , perhaps you can let me know where I can get reasonably priced original cartridges as Id prefer to stick with whats best for the job.

Thanks in advance

  DieSse 22:52 05 Nov 2008

I ran a 940C for over two years on a wide variety of compatible cartridges. The only reason I don't use it now is a new (free) Officejet all-in-one.

Though I'm thinking of going back to the 940C as the big compatible cartridges last for ever (almost) and make it very cheap to run.

So - take (or send) back the non-working compatibles and get replacements or your money back, is my recommendation.

  bobbybluenose 16:00 06 Nov 2008

you can get them topped up at cartridge world for about £9,00 each

  gandonas 16:49 06 Nov 2008

Thought Id resolved the problem , but today ran into difficulty when printer stopped during second page , looks like the problem is still there , same flashing light - do you think its worth taking the compatibles back for a refund and buying HPs , that way I rule out the compatability issue in entirety - also bobbybluenose , what about the phantom spring , is it a phantom issue or was it left as one of those unanswered things that we never got to the bottom of ? - everyones thoughts and help is much appreciated.


  bobbybluenose 18:41 06 Nov 2008

thats the way i would go at least you can rule out compatible
good luck this worked for me

  the hick 20:18 06 Nov 2008

I have a 940C, bought April 2002. Always used refilled cartridges, I don't believe that is the cause of any problems. Mine has had a few glitches, and I have a feeling sometimes caused by dirty contacts on back of the cartridges. I have also uninstalled the driver a couple of tomes, and downloaded from HP website. The 940C seems very well built to me, mine has been well used on 4 years of A-level courses and now college work.

  gandonas 22:47 06 Nov 2008

Thanks for input , are you saying that you uninstalled and downloaded from HP to resolve this particular problem or do you mean it might be an idea to try and resolve it. BBY is right to say I can eliminate the cartridge issue by reverting to new , will do this but tend to side on other avenues , after all its been working fine , does your 940C have the metal springy strip on the cartridge mount ( black ) please advise , Id be most greatful.

  woodchip 22:56 06 Nov 2008

940c i think you are getting ready for a new printer

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