Desk top 'tower' making funny noise!

  geek84 12:11 04 Feb 2011

Hi Folks

I bought my desk top about 10 months ago, and recently I noticed that while I am using it, the tower starts making a funny noise for a while, and then the noise stops!

Do you think there is a fault somewhere? Shall I take it back to the shop and ask them to have a look at it?

Thank You.

  john bunyan 12:31 04 Feb 2011

I had a similar problem. Thought it was the hard drive, but found the CPU cooling fan was full of fluff etc. If you are confident to look at it, I would have a look and be prepared to have a compressed ai can to blow fluff away. If under warranty the shop mat do it for you.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:17 04 Feb 2011

Could just be the fan speeding up when your'e working it hard.

  gengiscant 08:55 05 Feb 2011

A better description of the type of noise and if you can make out which part of the PC it is coming from would be helpful.

  spuds 16:35 05 Feb 2011

Could be a range of things, possibly fans, hard-drive, case not sitting on a flat surface.

If you are competent enough, remove one of the side panels and have a look inside, when you next start-up. But check to see if there any warranty seals, before removing the panel.

Remember that the inside of the case will be 'live', so don't start sticking your hand or fingers in, unless you know what you are doing.

Perhaps as a consolation, my computer started to make a noise recently, but it seems to have settled down now?.

  wee eddie 15:47 06 Feb 2011

The fan on my graphics card starts running rough. So we get a nasty whining sound for a week or two, then it settles down again to be almost silent.

Sometimes, when this happens, I'll turn everything off > Take the side panel off > Give all the Fans and Cooler fins a delicate wee 'go' with a 1" bristle Paint Brush > then give everything a blow out with the Hairdryer on its Cool/Anti Static Setting.

  Terry Brown 15:06 07 Feb 2011

I had a similar problem a while back (on an older computer) and found the one of the IDE cables was rubbing against the CPU fan housing --Must have been when I moved it to plug in a usb cable- or something.

tied the cable back- Problem solved


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