Desk top masked ?

  pavel 09:57 16 Apr 2005

I have a evesham laptop running xp home. One of the user identites has a white background to the desktop that appears to mask the usual xp hills and sky. When I found the source file for the backgroung I was Presented with a message that basically said Warning you have a serious problem with your pc. The other user backgrounds are fine. I ran spybot and it found 89 elements 45 of which it destroyed but 44 are proving impossible to shift, the spybot prog freezes mid destroy. I have tried restarting and repeating but no joy. I have a thought that the space for a restore operation may be full (spybot makes a restore point everytime it is used)what do you reckon folks.
Thank you Pavel

  VoG II 10:01 16 Apr 2005

Restart in Safe Mode click here and run Spybot.

  pavel 10:05 16 Apr 2005

I will give it a go when I am next at work, Is this a known nasty?

  Indigo 1 10:05 16 Apr 2005

Firstly I must ask if you have a fully uodated anti virus program and that you run it immediately. Second download AdAware SE from click here install it AND UPDATE it then run it.

The oldest System Restore points will be deleted if you have used up all allocated space before a new one is created, you will not run out of space for S/R.

  pavel 10:11 16 Apr 2005

Have upto date Av (Norton) BUT have lent pc to a friend who says "might" have turned off zonealarm while using it. Doh! so I guess the door was open for long enough to let the nasties in. either way I will let the spybot loose and failing that ad aware to the rescue.

  jbp1982 10:41 16 Apr 2005

click here don't forget to try an online AV scan.

You should use both Ad-aware SE and spybot, run them one at a time. See if they pick up anything, one might miss something the other doesn't.


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