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  pat2068 22:24 19 Dec 2005

how can i remove a icon on my desktop i cannot just delete it thanks leo

  VoG II 22:26 19 Dec 2005
  pat2068 22:47 19 Dec 2005

no luck deleting the icon it dosent have a delete it a share to web upload folder but there is nothing in it any more help please leo

  pat2068 00:28 20 Dec 2005

any more please loe

  Totally-braindead 00:36 20 Dec 2005

This worked for me. Right click on the icon and go to properties, second box along will probably be shortcut go to that and click find target. What that will do is show you where the main file is, the icon you're deleting will just be a shortcut to it and when the computer restarts it will just be put back by the main program. Now if you delete the file thats shown and then delete the icon on the desktop that should be it. Word of warning here though, I cannot guarantee that deleting this file will not affect anything else. This is what I did and it worked perfectly but I was prepared to blank and reinstall everything if it somehow mucked things up. It didn't muck things up but I feel its only fair to point this out to you. Perhaps it might be better to see if anyone else comes up with a solution they feel is 100% safe if there is such a thing.

  pat2068 00:42 20 Dec 2005

there is no properties the main file was uninstalled so the icon goes nowhere but there is no way of deleting the icon thanks leo

  GuZ><0r 00:44 20 Dec 2005

Which icon is it you are trying to delete.

  pat2068 00:47 20 Dec 2005

it is a share to web upload folder icon i have tried everything thanks leo

  jimmer409® 09:00 20 Dec 2005

try renaming and than just drag to the recycle bin, if that fails, try running ccleaner

  pat2068 00:50 21 Dec 2005

sorry for taking so long to get back i have tried c cleaner cant rename i dont have the option any other ideas thanks leo

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