Desk top extra icons suddenly appeared

  dolphinaber 08:18 03 Jul 2004

Can anybody please tell me how to get rid of about 37 new icons that suddenly appeared on my desk top and which all begin with the letters CA and then two numbers or one number and a letter ( CA42 or CA9E )
I have obviously done this myself I think whilst trying to burn discs which Im not very clever at.
I have tried putting them in the Recycle bin but they still appear on the desk top.
Help please!

  rawprawn 08:43 03 Jul 2004

Which OS are you using? & have you tried System Restore?

  Taw® 08:45 03 Jul 2004

try some of these links from temp003 to get rid of spyware

  Taw® 08:45 03 Jul 2004

click here sorry

  dolphinaber 10:27 03 Jul 2004

Many thanks just had time to do a system restore back a few days but still there. I am on XP
Try more when I get back later

  Stuartli 10:43 03 Jul 2004

If you right click on an icon and then view its Properties you should/may get a clue as to its source and location.

  dolphinaber 12:26 03 Jul 2004

Yes Properties shows IDX which I forgot to mention and appears behind each icon. ie CA46.IDX
What do I do with tempo003 when I get it on screen Bit ignorant!
Should I go back further with System restore although the icons only appeared two days ago.

  Stuartli 13:55 03 Jul 2004

IDX provides software, services and technologies for healthcare provider organisations. Have you visited its website recently?

click here

The Desktop icon shortcuts you mention appear to list Hangul Syllables (description here: click here) and, as shortcuts, can safely be deleted.

There's no need to use System Restore as it's unlikely anything you have is in any way harmful.

  Stuartli 13:57 03 Jul 2004

More examples of Hangul Syllables:

click here

This has been brought up before some time ago in the forums, so you are not alonge...:-)

  Stuartli 13:58 03 Jul 2004

..not alone....:-)

  dolphinaber 14:22 03 Jul 2004

Thanks Stuartli Is it possible to guide me through what I should do to get rid of these icons and treat me as an idiot !!

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