Designing a directory site/html page

  webber_man 13:10 03 Jun 2004

I am wanting to design a website which lists local shops and services alphabetically by name. What would be the best and easiest way to do this in html so to make is easy to edit and insert new shops/services into the page? I'd like each page to contain 16-20 services - 4 across by 4 or 5 down.

I have tried to do this using tables but can't seem to get the text to line it doesn't make it easy to edit and insert new text!

Maybe using some form of database would be better? Is there any software that does this?

I hope i've been clear!! Any help would be appreciated.

  Charence 15:40 03 Jun 2004

I would recommend that you use ASP (active server page), XML (extensible markup language), and a database to do this.

Using ASP you will be able to SELECT information from the database and display it using XML pages. You can also make it arrange records alphabetically and add information to the database.

You may also want to consider SQL and PHP.


  Charence 15:42 03 Jun 2004


Database - Microsoft Access, ASP - Notepad or Macromedia Dreamweaver, XML - Notepad or Macromedia Dreamweaver or Microsoft FrontPage.


  Taran 16:22 03 Jun 2004

Unless you want to be able to sort the information on the fly by selecting, say, pet stores or garages, which would involve an underlying database then there is nothing stopping you from having a simple series of HTML pages with business listed in alphabetical order.

And without wanting to cause offence if you are having trouble sorting out the static pages I'd steer a long way clear of a web database of any description.

ASP and Access is all well and good if your web host supports it. Most web hosts offer PHP and MySQL though and regardless of what you have available web databases are a complex subject and not to be undertaken lightly.

Here is a very simple example of static pages: click here and you can download the zip file contains the lined pages here: click here

It took about five minutes in FrontPage and although it is a very, very basic design it can be adapted to suit an alphabetical list.

I stongly suggest that you stay clear of a database unless you have hundreds upon hundreds of entries to track.

  Taran 16:30 03 Jun 2004

If you are completely stuck can you post details of the web software you are using and what your web host supports ?

The reason I ask is that NetObjects Fusion, for example, has a feature called stacked pages which basically allows you to use them as a data source without having an underlying database on your website. Stacked pages are used in NetObjects for creating things like employee directory lists and similar, which would more or less make them ideal for you, always assuming you have NetObjects of course...

Try and give more detail and one of us will help.

I'm off for a few days now (time off for good behaviour :o) but I'll look in on this next week.

Good luck with it.

  webber_man 22:10 03 Jun 2004

Cheers loads for the replies guys - all the advice taken on board!

I've just got home so will have another read through and then have a mess around over the weekend. I'll let you know how i get on.

.....thanks again. Much appreciated.

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