design a cdrom catalogue

  f1fan 20:21 18 Mar 2003

Can anyone advise me of a method of displaying a company catalogue, the files at the moment are .jpg picture files and I would like a way of designing a index page to view these pictures.
The end product would have to go onto a CD ROM, auto-run, for customers to view on their own PC.

As is usual, we are on a very tight budget !!

Can I use internet explorer and just design a web-page for the index page? But not sure how I would know what letter is used for other peoples CD ROM.

Can you help?

  hamelin 20:31 18 Mar 2003

Why not try this: click here instead of publishing to a website, publish to a file.

While you are at the above link, why not have a look around to see if any other download suits you better.

  Taran 20:48 18 Mar 2003

You don't need to designate a drive letter when creating an autorun CD where the contents are web douments.

If you make your catalogue using any web editor (FrontPage is ideal and you probably already have it) you need a simple Autorun.inf file that you can write in Notepad and to make life a little easier you could also include a Shellexe.exe file.

The Autorun.inf file contains a line that says;

open=ShellExe.exe index.htm

This tells your computer to open the Shellexe.exe which in turn is instructed to call up the index.htm file.

It's dead easy really. All you need to remember is to create the catalogue as a website and make 100% certain ALL files are contained in a single root folder. Burn the contents (hyperlinked pages and images) of the root folder with the Autorun.inf and Shellexe.exe files to disk and as long as autorun is enabled on the target computer the CD is inserted into, you're up and running.

If you need an example Autorun.inf and Shellexe.exe file, email me (click the envelope next to my username) and I'll send you them.

Since bandwidth is not an issue when running from CD, you can use just about any editor for your pages. Word, if you don't have a proper web editor, will do at a stretch. Just keep in mind that your root folder MUST contain ALL files for the project.

The Autorun.inf and Shellexe.exe files are drive letter independent and will just go looking for the index.htm page on the drive they run from which, by happy chance, will be your CD ROM.

Good luck.



  Taran 20:53 18 Mar 2003

You can also use PowerPoint, and you can include the PowerPoint viewer on the disk for those computers that don't have it installed. If you use the "Pack and Go" feature in PowerPoint it creates a complete project with all relevant files for distribution to other computers.

HTML web pages are still probably the best overall bet - especially considering how quickly a computer can access data from a CD, which will allow you to include some very high resolution images in your catalogue.


  f1fan 21:24 18 Mar 2003

Think I will try the web-page approch to begin with and will post results.

Thanks for the help.

  AndySD 22:17 18 Mar 2003

click here I use this to auto run cds... but you need to buy it for buisness use.

  Taran 18:43 19 Mar 2003

You have mail...

  f1fan 18:27 20 Mar 2003

A big "Thank You" to Taran, this works great.

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