Desaturate and fade images

  Gary 23:00 07 Aug 2003

I am designing a website which has a series of thumbnails in a scrolling frame down one side. I want these thumbnails to be a specific shade of blue (i.e. like a black and white image but blue and white) and only become full colour onMouseOver. I can do this by creating two thumbnails - one blue and one colour and having a standard onMouseOver. However, the trouble with this is it requires each thumbnail to be downloaded twice. I have seen some JavaScripts on pages like Dynamic drive which let you fade images. Can anyone tell me if (and how) it would be possible to make a JavaScript colour the images blue and then fade them to full colour onMouseOver?

  Gaz 25 01:36 13 Sep 2003

Shame, I do not think javascript can do this without images with the colour it needs to change to on the actual image.

It has to be:

<a href="#website address#" onMouseOut="di20('default','images/default.gif');" onMouseOver="di20('over','images/over.gif');" >
<img src="images/click.gif" width=XX height=XX border=X alt="#Add alt text here#" name="default" >

But I will look about!

  Gaz 25 02:19 13 Sep 2003

I am afraid to say you will have to create multiple images in your image editor with the two or three transitions and use the code provided, I am sure you know the basics.

Let me know if you need help,

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