Derrick Baldwin on Facebook - Does he really exist

  compumac 15:05 01 Aug 2014

I regularly receive an e-mail telling me that a Derrick Baldwin is on Facebook! I do not know a Derrick Baldwin and I have no interest in the fact that he is on Facebook and I delete the e-mail straight away.

Today I have received the following e-mail

" I really hope you get this fast. I could not inform anyone about our trip, because it was impromptu. We had to be in Philippines for a Tour..The program was successful, but our journey has turned sour. We misplaced our wallet and cell phone on our way back to the hotel we lodged in after we went for sight seeing. The wallet contains all the valuables we have. Now, our passport is in custody of the hotel management pending when we make payment.

I am sorry if i am inconveniencing you, but i have only very few people to turn to now. I will be very grateful if i can get a short term loan of (£1,650) from you. This will enable me sort our hotel bills and get my sorry self back home. I will really appreciate whatever you can afford at this moment. I promise to refund it in full as soon as I return. Please let me know if you can be of any assistance.

Thanks so much

Derrick Baldwin"

This is an obvious con, but - is the sender the original Facebook character OR someone using his name? If it is the original Derrick Baldwin then he has prepared the groundwork for some months now.

Anyone else had original e-mails from Derrick Baldwin?

  Woolwell 15:44 01 Aug 2014

No it is not the original. As MechKB2 has stated this is a well known scam. From time to time I get emails purporting to be from someone I know asking for a loan because they are stranded overseas. In most cases I know that the person named is still in the same area as me. Emails get sent from hacked accounts.

  QuizMan 17:27 01 Aug 2014

Likewise, I get these from time to time. I always think the expression "cell phone" is a bit of a give away to someone in the UK.

  compumac 17:30 01 Aug 2014

MechKB 2,Woolwell

I am more than aware of this long standing scam.

I posted as I have been getting the same e-mail for a very long time from a Derrick Baldwin simply stating over and over again that he is on Facebook and no other content to the-mail. There has been no other communication at any time.

I have never known a Derek/Derrick Baldwin and wondered if others receive the same e-mail from a Derrick Baldwin?

  Woolwell 17:41 01 Aug 2014

No I have never received one from Derrick Baldwin. Delete it as you know it is a scam.

  compumac 17:55 01 Aug 2014


Have always deleted.

  Batch 20:47 01 Aug 2014

I seem to recall getting one from a David Cameron!

  compumac 22:28 01 Aug 2014

David Cameron?? That must have been a scam also.

  Batch 14:09 03 Aug 2014

Indubitably, Dear Watson

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