Denied access to A:\ drive in Word

  Hamish I 19:38 30 Jun 2006

Tonight out of the blue in attempting to access a floppy in Word which I've used quite a fewtimes before I received the message "You do not have access to the folder A:\. See your administrator for access to this folder". This is my home computer and I have no administrator so I don't quite understand what's going on. Can anyone help, please?

  Jackcoms 19:43 30 Jun 2006

It's either a faulty/damaged floppy or, if not, try System Restore

  Totally-braindead 20:06 30 Jun 2006

Could you have inadvertantly locked the floppy perhaps?

  Hamish I 20:14 30 Jun 2006

Thanks to Jackcoms and Totally-braindead for their suggestions. When I tried again, everything was fine so perhaps I had done something wrong the previous time. Incidentally, what does "locking the floppy" mean, please? I may need that knowledge in future.

  Diodorus Siculus 20:17 30 Jun 2006

[quote]what does "locking the floppy" mean[/quote]

Floppy disks have little slides on them that you can move to prevent them being written to. It has a symbol like a lock on it.

  Hamish I 22:51 30 Jun 2006

Thanks, Diodorus Siculus

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