Demon home 2000

  jake2 22:18 19 Sep 2005

Anybody else on here unfortunate enough to be on this service with Demon?
I migrated from Nildrams 512 service to Demons 2gb service recently. I reasonably thought that my speeds would increase, how naive!!!!
I contacted Demon and after being given standard unhelpfull answers or flat out denial that there was a problem in the first place I had a look around various forums. Adsl guide has a forum for every major isp in the uk, lo and behold it seems that almost everybody on this "service" has the same problem. Speeds right down as far as 100kbps downloads!! Now there are various actions being taken from e-mailing the ceo of thus (company that owns demon) to contacting every computing magazine in the uk,(forum ed has pc advisor been contacted?) just to get a straight answer! Any body else with similar experience of this joke that is demon?

  [DELETED] 08:09 20 Sep 2005

Just signed up with them the other day...not noticed any problems with speeds.

How far away from the exchange are you?


  [DELETED] 10:55 20 Sep 2005

You can't migrate from a 512 to a 2000 service, only to the same service. So you may well be only on a 512kb service. Have you checked with Demon that you are indeed on a 2000 service.

I'm in the process of migrating from wanadoo 1mbs to Demon HomeOffice, they informed me at the time of signing that they would have to migrate me to a 1mbs service then upgrade me later.

  jake2 08:06 21 Sep 2005

byfordr: About 2 miles.

alan14: Thats a new one, they never said that to me. I could live with that at least I would know what was happening. But they have gone down the line that everything with their equipment is fine. Got a phone call yesterday from office of ceo of thus saying they know their is a problem and theyre buying more "pipe" to fix it should be fixed in week or two.

  [DELETED] 08:58 21 Sep 2005

Could possibly be that their equipment in your area is maxxed out then. May be worth checking what service they've put you on though.

  [DELETED] 10:05 21 Sep 2005

I subscribe to Demon Home and also to Demon Home/Office at work and I can say the service has been excellent with optimum speeds in London. The only problem I have is in the move to an Indian call centre for the helpline which is proving not the best. Th UK help line is the best by far

  [DELETED] 10:30 21 Sep 2005

Can depend on the time of day and traffic. I can get 1800 down and 240 up in the morning but sometimes it is 177 down and 233 up when the good ole USA is awake and the other 49 people are sharing the bandwidth. These figures are only the connection speed as we all know actual downloads are far slower than this.

  [DELETED] 10:30 21 Sep 2005

I am on Demon also

  [DELETED] 11:57 24 Sep 2005

I have had Demon Home 500 since earlier this year. I was upgraded to 2.2Mbps last month. About two weeks ago my connection went down for a day and a half. The service came back at 1.1Mbps. Have contacted their helpdesk 4 times. They deny all knowledge of a problem and blame BT. Have sent them results of "Speedtester" which shows download speeds of between 156Kbps - 957Kbps all at various times of the day. They have done nothing to help. Have looked at other broadband forums. Seems there is growing dicontent with Demon.

  jake2 17:37 20 May 2006

Got a soloution to this Demon "forgot" to upgrade my connection! I was still connected to a 512 line.
All sorted now, Thanks for all the help!

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