Demon ADSL Intermittent Connection Problems

  Stuart of Cupaz 15:27 25 Sep 2003

I have just signed up for the new Demon 2mb ADSL connection at work, but have been unable to get a connection except very infrequently. Have checked everything internally and had BT in with it all fine. Have hassled Demon and the other day finally got some senior Techy to admit that their london (Park Royal ?) hub is having problems and we would be unlikey to get a good connection for the forseable future. I am really annoyed as my company have been without a reliable connection for over 2 weeks now which is a real problem. They have not mentioned anything about it on their website and will not allow me to change provider as they say my contract is binding. Has anyone else experienced this, apparently my IT supplier has another client with the same problem. All they seem to offer is 'routine maintainence work but nothing has stoppped the problem
If anyone has any suggestions or more information I would welcome it. Also should not the general public be made aware of this ongoing problem, as I am aware they have had the problem for some time, certainly before I signed up. So far the best we have got is the first months charges free, but this is derisory compared to our company downtime and IT costs etc.

  kingussie 16:38 07 Apr 2004

are you still having problems with Demon as I am thinking of signing up with them for broadband

  HighTower 10:19 14 Apr 2004

In my opinion don't even think about it! We did some work for a client around 18 months ago who required an e-commerce facility on a new website. We were going to put the whole thing through Demon via a showroom account which they said would take around 10 days to set up.

I'm still waiting for an activation date after around a dozen phone calls, at least 4 faxes and loads of emails. We gave up after two months and obviously have since gone with someone else and the site is up an running and working well.

Out of interest I mailed Demon around a week ago to see what their response would be. No reply to date!

I wouldn't risk it! For broadband we use Nildram who are outstanding in every respect. We had an issue once (which turned out to be our router!) and they called me on a mobile on a Sunday Evening to follow it up. With service and standards like this I wouldn't think about another provider!

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