Dell zino problems

  Splodge 09:56 07 May 2011

I have had lots of problems with my Dell zino and I am beginning to think I have too much RAM (6gb)which is causing overheating.

When it works, marvellous but it if stops, I have to re-install the OS. Then get the latest updates, then install programs, then re-instate all my documents .... oh dear!

I have a backup but re-instating leads to heat ....

Also the diagnosis says that "This Operating System is not comatible with the Repair.

Suggestions please.

ps: thank heaven for this 8 year old Sony!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:26 07 May 2011

To use that much RAM you need a 64bit operating system

What are you trying to run on it?

  Woolwell 12:32 07 May 2011

Where are you keeping it? Is this a first generation Zino? A quick search on Google shows up many problems with overheating Zino's.

  Woolwell 12:34 07 May 2011
  Splodge 06:34 08 May 2011

To reply to your posts in turn;

It is 64-bit! I am only using it occasionally as a back-up machine against my old Sony failing.

It is the old generation and after a search of Dell problems it appears that the capacitors were cheap ones which were of poor quality.

I connect it to my TV and is seated on a shelf about 15" above it. The bottom is not obstructed in any way.

I have now decided it is not "Fit For Purpose" and have written to Dell's Managing Director.

I pointed out in my letter that with little use, I have had 3 repacement drives in one year. Dell also charged me £120 for a new 3 year warrenty and Dell were probably going to have to change the hard drive another 12 times!

I also told him that the diagnostics had indicated that "This operating system is not compatable with repair" Whatever that means.

Al in all nearly £700 down the chute.

Incidentally, there are so many updates to the OS that just uploading and installing them is probably too much for it unless done in different sessions.

I may seek legal advice since there is evidence from an article in the New York Times that the capacitor fault was widespread and Dell put aside 300 million dollars to cover claims. Which is why I penned the letter to Dell.

Woolwell, thanks for the link, that is another plank for my claim.

It is a pity, because it is very fast and I did play films from it. Avatar was amazing on a wide screen tv.

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