Dell yes or no?

  fifemale93 18:04 10 Oct 2006

Seen a few bad reports about their customer serivce but an advert in the paper today for a desktop looks too good to refuse. Whats the overall feeling on Dell in terms of product, reliability, customer service etc?

Any help would be great

  ATKINSON 18:08 10 Oct 2006

i like dell computers but my computer is intel inside pentium 4

  FORUMS Deleter 18:12 10 Oct 2006

i probaly say yes

  Forum Editor 18:13 10 Oct 2006

for building reliable, if not particularly exciting machines. Go into almost any big company's offices, look at the network desktops, and you'll almost certainly see Dell computers.

You can buy from them with confidence. A couple of years back we saw quite a few customer service complaints against Dell, and I was intouch with the company on several occasions. They reacted very well indeed, and said they were working to improve things. So far it looks as if they were as good as their word.

  JanaMan 18:18 10 Oct 2006

If your gonna get a Dell i dont think you should buy an XPS rather a model just a bit less priceir - But when you go too far low you start gettin computers that will become outdated in a few months. - I have a dell8400 bought a few years back around 2 or 3 years. - The product was really in tune with the latest technologies then and the build quality was great, the hardware hasnt let me down since.

Their quite a reliable company and their Next business day service does exactly what it says and the online technical chat room and forums are very helpful and neat.

The customer service is generally quite good but most of their telephone support is based out of england / US and more in India and other places youll have a tough time understandin their accent ( no ofeense).

On the whole a great company but has a few let downs. Dells are great for begginers and intermediates. but as i am more of an advanced user dells dont reallly help - overclocking, reformating (not recommened and voids waranty) etc etc.

The hardware they use somtimes pulls you back as byeing from a different company usually has pc with better specs at the same price.

The software however is greatly annoying they litter your computer with spyware and 'dellware' A.k.A a load of things you dont really need which in turn makes your computer slower than you expect. I reformated my pc with a normal XP disc and added the product key on the side of my computer , this overall made it much faster and i dont recommend it as it voids your warranty and deletes a restore partiton.

On the whole dells are great but i wouldnt be buying them again as i feel they are quite limiting

  fifemale93 18:23 10 Oct 2006

Looking at a couple of Dimension E520's that ive seen in the paper and look very good deals, especially compared to what ive seen in a few stores. Is the software/dellware they add on easy to remove or will it always be there slowing the comp down?

Based on value alone think ill end up going to Dell though

  shellship 18:24 10 Oct 2006

I'm on my third Dell - an 8200 that has lasted me several years without any problem. My children have had 3 betwen them without fuss.

I have a Dell Dimension 2400 which works like a dream also all my friends have Dell machines so they must be doing something right don't you think!

  961 18:37 10 Oct 2006

I would recommend Dell without hesitation

  skidzy 18:44 10 Oct 2006

I have a Dell Inspiron 6400 lappy.Now around 6 months old and has been just perfect.

The sales staff were brilliant and delivery was exactly what the man said.He told me the date and time it would arrive at my door,he was spot on time.

One little bit of advice though,do your research on the dell website.Find out exactly what system spec you require and then find a system slightly under your spec...reason why ! can get a better deal by phoning them, than buying straight off the web.

I saved around £75.00 now that is worth the call :-)

  Belatucadrus 20:19 10 Oct 2006

I know some people have had a few problems with Dell customer service, but on the couple of occasions I've contacted them I've always found them extremely helpful. Even on one occasion to going beyond what they were contracted to by the warranty to resolve an issue that was largely my fault.

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