Dell xps8300 blank monitor

  Wikerd 23:07 18 Feb 2018

Hey guys, I've been having a lot of problems with my dell recently. Over christmas it stopped working out of nowhere and after getting someone to look at it turns out the main harddrive died so i had to switch to using the other smaller drive only. This wasnt an easy task as the BIOS was corrupt so reinstalling things wasn't straight forward, and the internet drivers wont install so I could only use the wifi by tethering it through my phone. But it worked perfectly up until 2 days ago when the monitor went blank on me all of a sudden. I dont think its the actual monitor because the hard side buttons that bring up the settings work, but theres no image. I can hear the windows boot, all the fans are working but I cant figure out whats wrong. I've opened up the case to check the insides, and I've recorded a video, can someone tell me if theres something wrong on the inside that i need to change for an easy fix? I've no TV, and cant afford a new computer or graphic/video card so im hoping its something loose on the inside. The old harddrive is plugged off, I've plugged it back in to see if it makes a difference and it doesnt.

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  Menzie 00:00 19 Feb 2018

If the monitor has a source button push it in case it is on the wrong source.

What kind of cable are you using to connect the PC to the display? Try a different cable and see if that helps.

Also does the PC show anything at all? BIOS screen, Windows splash or anything like that?

  Wikerd 18:47 26 Feb 2018

I switched to a new hdmi cable and there was a window that said no vga cable moving around the black screen

  Wikerd 19:14 26 Feb 2018

My mistake, I actually was using a VGA cable first and switched to another one and it didnt help. Tried a new one and it didnt help. Unplugged them and switched to a hdmi cable and still getting the no vga cable window with 4 lines of different colours. Like this click here but its a Dell ST2320L

  Wikerd 19:18 26 Feb 2018

My computer is off but the monitor is still displaying that window, moving around. This wasnt happening when i had the vga cable instead of the hdmi one. Probablydoesn't matter but just a small observation

  Wikerd 19:36 26 Feb 2018

Sorry for all the spam idk how to edit my post, the hdmi cable is working after switching modes, but the image although it says its 1920x1080 isnt filling the screen. Does this mean my card isnt fried or it is?

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