Dell XPS M1530 and M1330 connected via HDMI to tv

  moulevay 12:47 04 Oct 2009

I have those 2 laptops. When I connect the M1330 to my tv, the pictures are both exactly the same. However, when I connect the M1530, the picture on the tv is slightly wider and part of it is not visible. How could I get also the same picture on the tv?

  howard64 06:39 05 Oct 2009

possibly alter the screen size your graphics card adaptor is set to? Check what each of your laptops are set to. There are many resolutions that are very similar. ie 1480 x 970 or 1480 x 1024. Very similar but different output.

  moulevay 05:53 16 Oct 2009

Thanks for your help, but I still can't fix the problem. The picture remains wider on the tv when I connect it to the M1530. However, if I connect the M1330, no problem!

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