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Dell X300 Replacement Hard Drive

  climb45 15:58 08 Nov 2010

I need to upgrade the 20Gb hard drive in my Dell Latitude X300 laptop, but have read that not all 2.5" IDE drives are compatible. The only information I have on the existing one (I have not yet tried taking the old drive out to check further details) is that it is 4.2k RPM and 9.5mm high. Are these relevant and what other details do I need to check?

  bremner 16:09 08 Nov 2010

It has to be an IDE drive and yor better sticking to 4200rpm or 5400rpm drives for power consumption here

  climb45 18:04 08 Nov 2010

Do all 2.5" IDE drives have the same dimensions i.e. will they all fit into the laptop's available space?

  bremner 18:19 08 Nov 2010

Some of the early 500GB drives were bigger but I don't think that that is now the case.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:49 08 Nov 2010

External dimensions (WxDxH; mm). 69.85mm x 100.0mm x 9.5mm ...

is standard dimensions for a 2.5 drive regardless of capacity

  climb45 19:51 08 Nov 2010

Thank you very much for your help.

Why do some companies offer different hard drives for different laptop makes and models?

No doubt it's to encourage those people who have not yet discovered the wonders of the PC Advisor forums to pay over the odds for their computer components!

  climb45 23:18 11 Nov 2010

Bought a Western Digital WD1200BEVE 120GB Scorpio Blue from Ebuyer for about £46 inc P&P against £65 at a 'specialist' Dell retailer! It's now installed in my laptop and working well.

Thanks Bremner and Fruit Bat for giving me the information needed to carry through this upgrade.

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