Dell Win 7 all 64 bit ?

  setecio 09:12 19 Oct 2009

I had a look on Dell's site and it seems to be ALL windows7 64 bit.

Does this mean that virtually all new hardware that you buy these days has 64 bit drivers ?

I guess it also means that you HAVE to buy new hardware as well as there will be little chance of older hardware having 64 bit drivers ?

  howard64 09:29 19 Oct 2009

I have been using xp 64bit for some time now and nearly all the old stuff works just fine so I would not expect any problems with 7 64bit.

  setecio 10:53 19 Oct 2009

and when you say all the old stuff works fine .... are the drivers for your stuff built into win7 ?

  setecio 10:55 19 Oct 2009

also, the advice used to be install the driver before you plug in USB. With windows 7 will it do any harm to plug in the USB ... if it has the driver built in , no problem, but if it doesn't, will plugging it in cause a problem or have MS got around that issue ?

  howard64 11:18 19 Oct 2009

not a clue with 7 as yet I would just plug in and try you should not be able to do any harm by doing so. I found with 64 bit xp that if something would not work directly I just had to set it up using the compatability wizard. 7 should have a much better wizard than my old xp.

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