Dell Vostro 1000 Laptop will not power up.

  Rayspan 14:05 12 Feb 2009

A colleague has asked for my help with this one.
With battery either in or out, and system connected to mains supply with correct adaptor, nothing happens. Little green light on adaptor is illuminated, but pressing power-on button does nothing. He has measured the correct 19v output from the adaptor plug.
Following trouble-shoot procedure on Dell site, I tried wriggling power plug in its connector while repeatedly pressing button, and on two occasions saw a brief flash of light from on-screen LEDs. One time three reds showed momentarily, on the other there was a flash of green. Screen itself did not illuminate.
Suspecting adaptor cable, I aquired another mains adaptor, which does nothing to correct the fault.
I see input sockets for this machine are freely available on ebay, which suggests to me that this component might be faulty. If it is, looks like a new system board is required. Has anyone encountered this?

  MAJ 14:25 12 Feb 2009

Yes, I have a Dell Latitude D600 laptop sitting here with the exact same problem. I have stripped it down to it's individual components (and rebuilt it) but, as you say, it appears that the problem lies either with the on-board connection or the motherboard itself, it seems to be a common problem judging by my Google searches.

I haven't found anyone locally with the same laptop, so I can't charge the battery to see if it boots with battery power rather than mains power through the on-board connection. As your's wont boot from the battery, I suspect (if your battery is charged) you might have a motherboard problem.

  Rayspan 14:32 12 Feb 2009

Hi Maj - gosh that was quick! Your response reinforces my own doleful suspicion. I stripped this one down to the board too, hoping to find a dry joint or something akin. Chickened out when I saw how incredibly miniature everything is. Don't own
one of these myself - prefer desktop I can get my hand inside! Any idea of price ball-park for replacement?

  MAJ 14:42 12 Feb 2009

Not fussed on laptops myself, Rayspan, but this is one someone gave to me because they couldn't get it going. I did come across a place in London that purports to repair them, they allow you to drop in and they'll give a diagnosis and a price to repair. With the Dell Latitude I mentioned they reckon the motherboard will cost around £100, which is roughly about right going by Ebay prices that I've seen, I'm not sure what your's would cost but I'm sure it wouldn't be a lot cheaper than that depending on it's age and spec. I'll hunt out the website of that London companany, it's name has slipped my mind at the moment.

  MAJ 14:49 12 Feb 2009

This click here is the site, Rayspan.

  Rayspan 22:12 12 Feb 2009

Thanks again Maj - think I'll pass this back to its owner together with your info. If it was me I think I'd just get a new machine - but not from Dell!

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