Dell Studio vs XPS 420 advice needed

  Cactus23 11:51 28 Nov 2008


I posted in an earlier thread asking for advice regarding a Dell XPS 420 PC.

I have just noticed the Studio XPS PC though. For a similar price to the 420, it provides an Intel i7 Processor 920 (2.66GHz, 8MB cache, 4.8GT/sec), 6GB RAM, and an ATI 4850 card for £938.

The XPS420 however contained a Quadcore (2.66ghz, 12mb cache), 4gb RAM, and the ATI4850 card for £987.

My question relates to:

1) whether the Studio XPS is better value for money due to the i7 processor (which I presume is better than the Quadcore).

2) The studio XPS comes with a 64 bit Vista OS (no idea why Dell cant offer a 32bit choice too). Are there issues with running common software applications or hardware with 64 bit Vista? In the past I have heard people having problems with 64bit Windows XP. For a home user who plays games, is it best to avoid 64bit Vista?

I look forward to any replies,

Thank you.

  FreeCell 16:49 28 Nov 2008

The i7 is a 64 bit processor which is why it comes with 64 bit Vista.

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