Dell stripping my laptop tomorrow - help!

  SallyC 19:15 13 Apr 2010

After a 2 week struggle trying to get my Dell Inspiron 6400 to automatically detect IP addresses, Dell have checked all the hardware & are going to ring me tomorrow to talk me through reinstalling the operating system. I've got to back up all my files tonight on my external hard drive.
But can anyone offer any advice as to whether I can back up my programs as I don't have installation discs for all of them.
Many thanks

  bobbybowls 19:49 13 Apr 2010

you need the disks

  Technotiger 19:55 13 Apr 2010

Download and install this Free Acronis 2009, you can then backup your entire System and Programs and Settings etc to your external drive.

click here

  AlanHo 20:09 13 Apr 2010

If you take an Acronis image of your OS and programs now and restore it later - it will probably put you back to where you started before the reinstall of the operating system. It is not usually possible to back up just programs separately from the OS.

The only safe way is to reinstall windows (with the help of Dell) followed by reinstalling your available programs (from discs and download files) and your data (from a back-up).

  SallyC 20:20 13 Apr 2010

Technotiger - re AlanHo's post, if this the problems are caused by a software error - won't I just be re-installing the problem?

  David4637 20:21 13 Apr 2010

Of course you can take an acronis image now. If you have a partitioned drive (C: the OS , D: the data) which is the best option. You would then able to back up each separately. This would be a good thing if the Dell help does not work. Alternatively if not partitioned back up the lot to a external drive, and restore if the Dell help does not work. David

  David4637 20:28 13 Apr 2010

Is the Acronis Free download actually FREE or is it trial software only - you pay later? Thanks David

  Technotiger 20:30 13 Apr 2010

That's where Acronis True Image comes in handy. I can restore the entire partition, or I can restore individual files and directories out of the backup image.

The above is an extract from click here

David4637 - The link I have given above is for True Image 9, Free, as far as I am aware.

  SallyC 20:41 13 Apr 2010

David4637 - I don't think I have a partitioned drive as such, at least not one that I recognise (I used to work with partioned drives at work but only as a user) I have :
Local disc C
Sally's Documents
G (the external drive)
I am currently backing up all folders and files, photos, music etc. But have tried to copy a program & that didn't work.
I'm still having problems getting onto the internet (am using partner's pc) but will try downloading acronis via the external drive.

  AlanHo 23:57 13 Apr 2010

The link you provided for an Acronis download produces a red alarm on Web Of Trust.

WOT claims the site is not to be trusted.

Are you sure it is the official Acronis web site...?

  Sea Urchin 00:12 14 Apr 2010

That site has a very bad reputation for containing considerable malware and viruses - personally I wouldn't go near Freedownloadscenter. You're almost certain to download rather more than Acronis.

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