Dell RAM Read/Write failure

  kevma 19:59 16 Jan 2010

My Dell Inspiron 530s does'nt want to start up. All it is doing is bleeping 4 (RAM Read/Write failure) and the fan is going into overdrive, can anyone help?

  GaT7 20:18 16 Jan 2010

Shut down the PC, disconnect mains power cord & open the case.

Remove all the RAM module(s) & replace them fully & securely in their slots.

With case still open, reconnect the power cord & boot PC.

If symptoms persist, try only ONE module at a time in the the first slot (will be labelled DIMM0 / DIMM1 or similar).

If the above works, try 2 modules & so on. Each time remember to disconnect & reconnect the power cord as applicable.

Get back if none of the above works. G

  kevma 22:01 16 Jan 2010

Thanks, will try tomorrow sounds like a good idea

  kevma 13:21 17 Jan 2010

Thanks, I took but both ram sticks and reseated them, Great news everything is working again.
Why can't every thing be that simple.

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